Audit trails and IP locks can help control losses through internal theft as you can see who's code or key unlocked the safe and at what time.

Burton Duo Electronic Lock (Upgrade)

295.00 + vat   (354.00 inc vat)
(Packsize: 1)
Burton Duo Locks are Independently tested to EN1300 Class B and VDS Class 2 and can be used on safes up to EN1143-1 Grade V. The Duo Lock has 1 manager & 1 user code and all features of the lock are programmable at the keypad. It features a time delay function (1-99 minutes) and a programmable opening window (up to 19 minutes). The batteries are located externally so that you are never locked out in the event of power failure and the lock features a low battery warning signal. There is a wrong try penalty (5 minutes lock out in the event of 4 consecutive wrong codes).
Please check the product description of the compatible products as this lock may not be suitable for some of the smaller models.
Delivery: Next Working Day (if ordered by 1pm)