Never shut a safe door with the boltwork thrown as this could cause irreparable damage.


Insurance Cash Ratings

Based on the type and quality of the product, theft resistant safes will have a suitable Insurance or Cash Rating which normally translates - the higher the Cash Rating, the better the Burglary Protection.
Generally items that do not have a Cash Rating are for Low Protection requirements. Items that have Cash Ratings of between 1,000 and 6,000 are for Medium Protection requirements and items with Cash ratings from 6,000 to 150,000 are for High Protection.
Please note that as a general rule if a safe has an Insurance Cash Rating, the Valuable Rating will be Ten (10) times as much. So for example if your safes Cash Rating is 6,000 your insurance Company will provide insurance cover for you against loss of Cash up to 6,000 and Valuables up to the value of 60,000 for all items locked in the safe.
Cash Valuables  
1,000 10,000  
6,000 60,000  
100,000 1,000,000  
When calculating a Cash Rating most Insurers assume that the Safe is located in an uninhabited, unguarded and unprotected place within a residential area.
PLEASE NOTE: Different insurers use varying criteria to determine cover as simple things like Location, and Security Measures undertaken can be a dependent factor. Always check with your Insurance Company as to their exact requirements.
Phoenix Burton De Raat