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Extended Breakdown Cover Terms & Conditions

The Extended Breakdown Cover extends the standard manufacturers product warranty by an additional 1 year, and is effective from the date of delivery of the goods. To claim cover you must be able to provide proof that less than an additional 1 year has elapsed since the product was last covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. In all cases, goods may be required to be assessed prior to repair at the full cost of the user. The goods must have been purchased from new by its first user, and a dated receipt, email confirmation or invoice must be provided as proof of purchase.
If a fault develops, the product will be repaired or replaced dependent on the most cost effective method at the discretion of Don Ruffles Limited on a case by case basis. We will advise you which of the following services is to be provided:
Replacement: If deemed appropriate we will arrange for a replacement product to be delivered to your specified address and the original product may or may not be collected at the discretion of Don Ruffles Limited for recycling or reuse by them. Replacement products will be equivalent or similar to the product being replaced and may not be new.
Evaluation, Repair, Return: We will arrange to collect the faulty product from your specified address, and will repair and return it subject to evaluation of prior correct and proper use. The full cost of collection for evaluation is the responsibility of the user. Goods must be properly packaged and any in-transit damage will be the responsibility of the user. If we cannot economically repair the product, we will replace it with an equivalent product.
Engineers Call-out: For larger units we will arrange for a technician to visit your specified address to carry out checks to see if the fault can be rectified on site. If the fault cannot be economically repaired, the product will be replaced with an equivalent or similar product.
Please note that repairs or replacement will ensure that your product provides satisfactory performance consistent with its age, and usage and replacement products may be refurbished units. The unexpired term of the extended breakdown cover will be transferred to the replacement product.

Limits to the Service

The product must be located within the GB mainland unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Repair or replacement will not be provided if, in the view of Don Ruffles Limited, the failure or problem has occurred as a result of general miss-use which may or may not limited to;
Wear and tear, non replacement of parts which normally require replacing during the life of the product, unauthorized or inexpert repair or attempted repair, misuse including any use outside the product’s specification, excessive or inappropriate use, or use in an adverse or abnormal environment, the use of non approved manufacturers parts or consumables and the non following of manufacturers guidance and recommendations.
In all cases so as not to void cover it is advisable to contact Don Ruffles Limited prior to the initial use of the product for specific usage and maintenance advice.
Phoenix Burton De Raat