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Chubbsafes Fire Files Series Fire-Resistant Document Protection

Fire Files combine efficient storage space with the added benefit of fire protection for paper documents for up to 1-2 hours. FIRE RESISTANCE - All models are tested according to UK 72 standard and are certified at Class 350 Levels. Available in one or two hour fire endurance and with or without the additional impact classification. In two hour certified models drawers are individually isolated to ensure protection even if one drawer remains open during a fire. KEY FEATURES - Interlocking system that prevents more than one drawer opening at a time to prevent tipping. Adjustable filing bars to accomodate a wide range of suspension folders. LOCKING - Choice of key or electronic lock, or dual-locking system (positioned on the top of the drawer and features a push-to-lock function. Easy operable day-catch locking so that even if unlocked centrally a drawer can be pushed shut to guarantee the protection of its contents.

The Full Range of Chubbsafes Fire Files Series Fire-Resistant Document Protection

Model Name
Lock Type
External Dimensions
Key Lock
551x 635x 784 mm
104 litres
662 + vat
Key Lock
551x 779x 784 mm
136 litres
808 + vat
Key Lock
551x 635x 1510 mm
208 litres
954 + vat
Key Lock
551x 779x 1147 mm
204 litres
1041 + vat
Key Lock
551x 779x 1510 mm
272 litres
1414 + vat
Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information